A content creator that focuses on being immersed in aesthetics and emotions. 

I believe that the status quo in everyones life differs. I aim to show the different variations of each persons perspectives through their different personas and creativity.

Chris Jeric | SeeJeric


did my thing with/for


“Put this guy on a skateboard with a camera in his hand and you won’t believe what he creates!”
— Adobe, Getty Images | Mat Hayward
A super talented editor and shooter. Someone to watch as a rising skillful video maker in an ever changing industry.
— Human Being Media, Creative Director | Jay Sansone
“I had an opportunity to work closely with Christian at a 2 day Adobe training seminar course. As an instructor, I observed his skills and critiqued his work. I was impressed with his camera skills, composition and choice of subject matter. He demonstrates great potential and I look forward to seeing his work in the future.”
— Stockfootage.com President, John Farr